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On Becoming a REB3L...

I started my journey in 2017 after winning a gift certificate for 4 free classes at Dance 101 in Atlanta in a silent auction at my son’s karate school. My first time in the door, I was nervous and insecure having never danced for cardio exercise before. The instructors were so nice and supportive. No one judged me, and I had so much fun that I couldn't wait to do my next class.


Shortly after starting at Dance 101, I found REB3L Groove taught by Ashleigh McDonald Hughes (reb3l_ashleigh) one of the founders and choreographers of REB3L Fit! The playlist was amazing and had the cardio that I was looking for.  It was a full body workout. When I finished that class, I was exhausted, sweaty and couldn’t wait to come back and do another class. I was enjoying it so much that I wasn't aware of my body changing.  Before I knew it, I was 25 pounds lighter and feeling better than I had ever felt in my life! 


Since then, I have trained as a REB3L Groove and REB3L strength instructor and have started teaching my own classes.  I teach at 2 locations Dance 101 in Atlanta and Phusion Dance in Tucker. 


REB3L Classes at Dance 101 are on Sundays and Tuesdays in the morning.  Classes at Phusion Dance are on Tuesdays and Fridays in the evening.  Check out my calendar for more details and sign up information.  


I cannot tell you how much REB3L has changed my life.   I would love for you to join me and see yourself become a REB3L, too...

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